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Savvy shoppers know you don’t buy anything without searching for a deal online. Chewy coupons and Chewy promo codes are always in high demand, but dig deeper, and you can find even more ways to save when buying dog food, pet supplies, or toys for your pet.

Here’s a guide on how to save money while shopping at Chewy.

1. Check Out “Today’s Deals” Discounts

On the Chewy home page, you’ll see “Today’s Deals” on the upper menu bar. Once you’re there, you can shop a variety of deals, including:

Check out this page regularly for the current deals on everything from toys and treats to pet food. These deals can change frequently, so if you see a good deal, get it while it lasts.

To find this section on the Chewy app, click the three lines in the bottom right corner labeled “Menu.” Under Shop, you’ll see “Today’s deals.”

2. Bundle and Save

shaggy dog and small fluffy cat investigate their new toys they got rfom Chewy bundled discounts
Credit: Chewy

Pets can be finicky about new toys. Many pet owners have spent large amounts of money on rubber, stuffed, or rope toys that end up sitting in a toy box for years. You can try out new items with a smaller investment with a Goody Box.

These boxes come in a variety of themes, species, and holidays, so they make a great gift for the pet lovers in your life.

3. Use Autoship

Chewy has an Autoship option, which is a great way to never forget the food, meds, or treats your pet needs. Stock up big the first time, because there’s a huge discount on the first Autoship delivery, which is currently 35% off your first Autoship order (up to $20 off). You can always whittle back the Autoship products later if you’re stocking up too much on something like food.

Here are some other benefits of using Autoship:

  • Future Savings:  You get 5% off future orders after the first Autoship.
  • Always Get What You Need: Autoship customers can shop prescriptions along with other standard supplies, and more products are reserved for them by Chewy.
  • Flexibility: You can skip or reschedule at any time because it’s not just monthly—you set the schedule.
  • Connect with a Vet: Autoship customers get free and unlimited access to the Connect with a Vet program.
  • Cancel Anytime: Chewy doesn’t make you talk through three levels of customer service with a hard sell like some other companies if you want to cancel. It’s done quickly on the website or app.

A couple of caveats: not all items are eligible for Autoship. There will be an “Autoship & Save” amount on the product page if it’s eligible. Also, you are not locking in a price with Autosave. The prices could fluctuate throughout the year.

4. Wait for Holiday Deals

Little dog in a holiday hat that says naughty
Credit: Chewy

Look for sales around the big shipping holidays—holidays like Black Friday, Back to School, Christmas, Easter, and Valentine’s Day. Another hack is to check right after the holidays. Your pet won’t know it’s chewing a Christmas tree in February. You might find good deals on out-of-season toys.

5. Take Advantage of the 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Chewy is almost known more for its exceptional customer service than its low prices. The Chewy team is ready 24/7 to take your calls, and they do live up to their 100% Unconditional Satisfaction Guaranteed Policy. Returns are always fast and easy.

The only thing you can’t return is medication, unless it was the wrong prescription or damaged upon arrival.

6. Look for Chewy Gift Card Deals

Chewy gift card deals banner shows a corgi climbing in a chewy boxy overlaid a picture of a cat's face up close.
Credit: Slickdeals

Occasionally, Chewy will have special deals where you can buy gift cards at a discounted price. Buy a gift card for yourself and enjoy the savings!

Slickdeals will have the scoop on where to buy discounted Chewy gift cards from time to time, so look for these special savings first. You can also set up a Deal Alert to get notified when new Chewy gift card deals are available.

7. Use the Slickdeals Browser Extension

The savings with Chewy are great to begin with, but Slickdeals can make it even better with our browser extension. When shopping in your browser, you’ll get instant access to the latest Chewy coupon codes and automatically apply promo codes when checking out for effortless savings.

Start Saving with the Slickdeals Browser Extension

8. Use Manufacturer’s Coupons

You can use a manufacturer coupon for your Chewy purchase, but it’s going to take a little extra effort. You have to mail the coupon to:

Attn: Chewy Coupons
3251 Hollywood Blvd., Ste. 401
Hollywood, FL 33021

The coupon has to be from the manufacturer, and it can’t be a copy or emailed version of the coupon. Chewy also doesn’t accept rebate coupons. When you’re ready, send the original coupon, your email address, and related order number for the customer-service team to process the coupon.

9. Compare Similar Items

When you find an item you like, before you click “Add to Cart,” scroll down just a little and look at Compare Similar Items or Pet Lovers Also Bought sectionsYou might find a better deal on a similar toy or product. Reading reviews can really help you see how animals liked the product and how long it lasted.

10. Buy Durable Toys

Pitbull playing with a toy from Chewy
Credit: Chewy

You are the best judge of how quickly your pet can tear through a new toy. Use that knowledge when making smart purchases at Chewy. A $5 toy seems like a great deal until your pet rips it up in 10 minutes. The $15 more durable toy could last a few weeks, making it a better value.

Go for the price point and predictability of how long the toy is going to last to make the most cost-effective purchase. Those customer reviews are helpful here too.

Here are some deals on durable toys for heavy chewers:

11. See If You’re Eligible for Discounts

Chewy offers a couple of discounts for eligible shoppers:

  • Military Discounts: You can get $15 off your first purchase of $49 or more, along with free shipping, if you are a veteran.
  • Employee Discounts: Chewy employees get a discount on purchases, and from reviews on job sites, it appears to be around 20%. If you know someone who works at Chewy, you can score some nice discounts on your next purchase.

12. Surprise Gifts

Little boy cuddling with his old sweet dog
Credit: Chewy

There are many reports in social forums of people who made a simple order and got surprise gifts, like a hand-painted picture of their pet. Chewy has also gotten praise for that awful time when you have to say goodbye to a pet. If Chewy knows, there’s a good chance they’ll send you flowers or a gift to help with the grief.

Hundreds of people have reported that after needing to return an item, a Chewy representative told them not to bother returning the item but instead donate it to a local pet shelter. Earlier this year, a Chewy truck was involved in an accident and the contents spilled over the Pennsylvania freeway. Chewy decided to collect everything safe enough to be donated, and nearly two tons of food went to the local animal shelter.

13. Go Viral with Chewy

The company hosts a variety of social media opportunities to share photos or videos of your pet, and c’mon, we know you have thousands of them on your phone right now. Use #ChewyChattyPets (billions of views on TikTok) or #ChewyDelivery to get the most views. If you boost your social status, you might make extra money for toys and treats!

14. Set Up a Deal Alert with Slickdeals

Never miss a deal again. Slickdeals will send you an instant notification when there is a sale going on at Chewy. Sometimes a deal can go fast, so getting instantly notified can help you get in on the deal before the sale is over.

Get Updates When Chewy Has a Sale

Start Saving while Shopping at Chewy

Don’t waste precious minutes looking for bogus Chewy promo codescheck Slickdeals for the most up-to-date Chewy coupons. Go ahead and start spoiling your pets silly with delicious treats and fun toys, all while saving money.


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