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Tello Mobile is a mobile carrier that offers a range of phone plans without any fees. In this new savings era, Tello is here to change the game and provide you with the mobile carrier you deserve.

1. About Tello Mobile

One of the key features of Tello Mobile is their unlimited phone plan for just $25 per month. This plan includes 35GB of high-speed data, free hotspot and Wi-Fi calling, and unlimited talk and text. There’s no need to buy in bulk to get these benefits.

2. Getting a Phone Compatible with Tello

If you’re looking to start fresh with a brand new phone, Tello will even ship it to you for free. Alternatively, you can bring your own phone and enroll it with Tello. They offer compatibility checks to ensure your phone will work seamlessly with their service.

3. International Calling with Tello

Tello also understands the importance of international communication. With their phone plans, you’ll get free international calls to Canada, Mexico, and India included. For other international calls and texts, Tello offers amazing savings with their Pay As You Go Credit.

4. Tello Dollars and Referral Credit

Additionally, Tello Mobile has a referral program where you can bring your friends onboard. By introducing a friend to Tello and their phone plans, both of you will win $10 Tello Dollars. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

With Tello Mobile, you can enjoy the benefits of affordable phone plans without any hidden fees. Whether you choose their unlimited plan or bring your own phone, Tello is here to provide you with the mobile carrier you deserve. Say goodbye to unnecessary charges and say hello to Tello Mobile.


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