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Slickdeals Coupons was created to help our community find promo codes and discount codes for their favorite stores and attract coupon hunters to discover Slickdeals.net. Slickdeals.net is the world’s biggest and longest-running community-based deal sharing platform online today!

How does the Coupon Business Work? 

Slickdeals Coupons has affiliate networks and business partners who send us coupons, and a dedicated coupons team that finds and verifies the best promo codes available right now. 

Are the Coupons Legit? Why Do Some Coupons Not Work?

Yes! Our coupons are legit! However, you might need to try a handful of coupons to find one that works for you because some stores have promo codes for specific products. Slickdeals Coupons posts promo codes that we find and sometimes they don’t work because dates and numbers of promo code are limited, some coupons might be for any purchase while other are only for certain products, and some promo codes are for first-time users. There are so many promo codes on our site that you should find something that works for you. If not, leave us a message by filling out the form below.

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