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The YETI dog bowl may set out to fix the constant struggle of sliding bowls and the YETI-made dog bed could finally be the perfect dog bed you’ll both love, but is the premium price of YETI-branded dog gear worth the extra cost? 

Let’s face it. We love our canine BFFs more than most will understand, but some dog owners are less enthusiastic about their pet’s sloppy eating and the shedding when anything covered in fabric becomes a new favorite sleeping spot.

For example, my dachshunds have the perfect timing of demanding their dinner right as I turn on Netflix, so the first 10 minutes of my show are interrupted by the sound of metal sliding across the floor. And when it comes to sleeping, my dogs can be pretty picky about where they cozy up for the night, no matter how many discount dog beds are scattered around the house.

What Is the YETI Dog Bowl?

Yellow lab drinking out of a YETI dog bowl

At first glance, the YETI dog bowl seems like an overpriced dish. At first, the $40 bowl ($50 for larger bowls) seems like just a flex for those who love to spend money on their pooches but compared to the $300 YETI dog bed, it begins to seem like a bargain!

On closer examination, the YETI dog bowl seems like a solid investment (especially if – like me – you have broken a few of your own dishes using them for your dog’s water to food) since it is created to be dent-resistant, puncture-resistant, rust-resistant, BPA-free and food-safe. It also has the “BearFoot” non-slip rubber ring on the bottom so your dog can chow down enthusiastically without running it all over the kitchen — or interrupting your Netflix show. The bowl is also heavy, so your pup isn’t going to be throwing their dish around for fun (or demands for more food) anymore either. 

Since the YETI dog bowl can be used both for water and food — and on the road or at home, and with over 1,000 five-star reviews, it is clearly a favorite among many pet parents. An $80- $100 investment in a pair of YETI dog bowls that can last decades is worth the investment, especially for pet-parent with larger breeds, or who feed their dogs outside.

YETI Dog Bowl — Not Just for Dogs?

One reviewer shared they use the BOOMER 8 Dog Bowl as a casserole dish for their glamping adventures. They raved that it kept their food warm longer while not burning their hands. Plus, YETI’s sleek design elevates this bowl from typical dog bowls. 

Does the YETI Dog Bowl Keep Water Cold?

Black and Brown Dog drinking from a YETI dog Bowl

Your favorite YETI cup keeps your drink cold for days, so you might expect the same for your pup’s bowl. The YETI dog bowl is engineered with double-wall, non-insulated stainless steel, just like the tumblers. However, the bowl is not insulated. So while your dog’s water will stay colder longer than a normal dog bowl, don’t expect water to stayed chilled for more than 48 hours (2 days). But it will keep their water colder on a single hot day and ready to be refilled with chilled water the next day again. 

How Much Is a YETI Dog Bowl?

The Boomer 4 Dog Bowl holds four cups of food or water and is $40. The Boomer 8 Dog Bowl holds eight cups (twice as much) and is only $10 more at $50. 

Are YETI Dog Bowls Dishwasher Safe?

Yes. Just toss your YETI dog bowl in with the rest of your dishes for easy clean-up. Since the Duracoat color is designed not to peel or crack, your bowl will stay looking new even after many washes. 

Man holding a YETI dog bowl in Teal color

Are YETI Dog Bowls Worth It?

Spending $40-$50 on a single dog bowl is a small investment but is worth trying if you are frustrated with the other dog food bowl designs on the market. 

One of the thousand glowing reviews says, “We have many YETI Ramblers and we love them all. Felt like our dog deserves to enjoy some YETI love too and the bowls are perfect! Not too big, not too small. Always love that it’s dishwasher safe. You’ll never regret buying these!” 

The few negative reviews did complain about rust, to which YETI responded that the bowls are “rust-resistant, not rust-proof.” YETI recommends using a stainless steel cleaner or baking soda or vinegar to remove rust spots. 

While the cheap dog food bowls from the local pet store might not be right for you, there are other affordable alternatives to the YETI dog bowl. Hydrapeak has a comparable bowl for almost half the cost. Amazon also carries some other brands of these insulated dog bowls for less than $20. 

Is the YETI Dog Bed Worth $300?

Yellow Lab sleeping in YETI Dog Bed

The YETI dog bed is a two-in-one dog bed made for home and travel use. For $300, you receive a plush pillowtop bed that sits on an EVA-molded base. This means the bed won’t slide or get grungy on the bottom. The waterproof travel pad can also be separated from the unit, making it ideal to bring camping or on a boat. 

I’m all for paying more for high-quality products, but $300 does seem like a stretch. The YETI dog bed has over 170 five-star reviews on the YETI site while others complained the bed was still too small or not puppy-proof. Plus, the bed is designed to be heavier for stability, which makes it hard to take backpacking. 

If you are looking for an indestructible bed against your fearsome chewer, it might be better to wait until they are out of that stage. However, if you are looking for a comfy bed your dog will love to snooze in, Casper makes a dog bed for $139 with over 1,000 reviews. 

If you need an easy waterproof dog bed to take with you, the lightweight Outrav Dog Sleeping Bag is worth checking out and is often on sale for under $20 on Amazon

Where to Buy the YETI Dog Bowl and YETI Dog Bed?

Yellow lab laying inside a YETI dog bed

Find these bowls directly online from the YETI website or shop Amazon and both sites offer free shipping and free returns. Note the bowls also come with a five-year warranty. But ordering straight from the YETI site also allows you to choose a customized name, monogram, graphic or logo for six dollars to $10 more. 

To order the YETI dog bed, shop the YETI website. You can also purchase the travel pad separately. Amazon also sells the YETI dog bed for the same $300 plus free shipping. 


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