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If your Pinterest board is full of bathroom remodel ideas, but your remodeling budget is looking a bit sparse, then we are here to help. Creating a whole new bathroom look does not have to cost thousands of dollars or require a demolition crew. Instead, these bathroom remodeling ideas can be done over a weekend for less than $350.

1. Swap Out the Sink for the Quickest Bathroom Update

Wayfair sink vanity small wood and modern. Great for a cheap bathroom makeover
Credit: Wayfair

Binford 20 inch Single Bathroom Vanity Set – Sale Price: $339.99 | Reg. Price: $659
If your bathroom currently has a vanity and sink that came with the house, there is a good chance that it is too bulky or outdated for your space. Updating the vanity does take a little DIY research, but it will give you the most bang for your buck.
If you can’t swap out the whole vanity, try replacing the faucet for an updated look. Similarly, you can replace outdated cabinet hardware for something more modern or even something with a unique twist, like these library cabinet-style drawer pulls.

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2. Give Your Mirror a Much-Needed Glow Up

Wayfair Pill or Oval shaped mirror with black frame. Great for cheap bathroom makeovers.
Credit: Wayfair

Pill Shape Modern & Contemporary Mirror – Reg. Price: Starting at $212.99
The giant rectangle mirror is not doing your space any favors. Replacing a builder-grade mirror will require an additional person and some wall patching and painting after the mirror is removed. Hint: this is your time to add an accent wallpapered wall or colored wall before adding your new mirror.

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3. Decrease Counter Clutter

Set of two amber glass soap or lotion dispensers. Great for decluttering your vanity and doing a cheap bathroom makeover.
Credit: Wayfair

Set of 2 Amber-Colored Glass Dispensers – Reg. Price: $21.95
Clutter is the ultimate decor killer. Place your soap and lotion in clear or amber-colored glass dispensers. If you must-have bathroom essentials out, consider placing them on a 2-Tier Wood Tray Serving Stand. Use decorative baskets to organize bathroom essentials underneath the sink.

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4. New Light Fixtures Can Give You Spa Vibes

Dimmable Vanity Light, on sale at Wayfair. Perfect for Cheap bathroom makeovers!
Credit: Wayfair

Keener Dimmable Vanity Light – Sale Price: Starting at $80.55 | Reg. Price: Starting at $135
A new light fixture can soften your space. Don’t forget to swap out your light bulbs for stylish see-through ones that provide light similar to an open window. You can also frame a mirror or add lighting to a different wall with decorative sconce lighting.

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5. Unexpected Statement Art That Isn’t Cliché

Art thes affordable and not cliche, by Wayfair, great for a cheap bathroom makeover
Credit: Wayfair

Ephemere Wrapped Canvas Print  – Sale Price: Starting at $28.99 | Reg. Price: $38.99
Just say no to cheesy bathroom art that reminds you to wipe your bottom. If you want your space to feel like your personal oasis, then you need to design it like one. Look for statement wall art that is either abstract or textured. The right piece of art can tie in your bathroom’s colors or add a much-needed pop of color.

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6. Give Dead Space a Decorative Purpose

Corner Bathroom Cabinet on Wayfair thats great for a cheap bathroom makeover
Creidt: Wayfair

Corner Bathroom Cabinet – Sale Price: $159.99 | Reg. Price: $214.99

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If you have dead space in your bathroom, put it to good use by using corner or slim storage solutions. Decorate the top with faux plants and small tabletop art. This Billy corner unit also comes with a matching hanging wall unit. Here are some other Wayfair options for freestanding bathroom storage:

Bottom Line:

Wayfair is a great place to start your bathroom makeover! You can also try out any Wayfair working coupons. Additionally, you don’t need to stop at Wayfair. Ikea also has great afforable options. Check out Ikea coupons, too. Finally, if your looking for something more high end, look for vanities from designer brand at your local resale, on resale apps like Offerup, or find brand warehouse deals.

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