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I’m here to bust the myth that StockX only sells overpriced shoes.

There are so many sneakers and other products available on the StockX website that regularly sell for under original MSRP. If you aren’t familiar with StockX, it’s a platform through which individual buyers and sellers can exchange goods. Basically, StockX works as a middle man for popular products by listing going rates on its website. There, each seller can list an item at the sale price they see fit for their product. Check out StockX Coupons and promo codes.

Items must be brand new to be sold, and StockX acts not only as a middle man, but as a verification service that authenticates the items as real. Items determined not to be new or authentic are sent back to the seller, and the buyer is refunded.

StockX has primarily gained popularity as a platform to sell popular and hard-to-find sneakers. And typically, these sneakers sell for much higher than original MSRP. But there is a way to shop on StockX without breaking the bank. In this video, I reveal the one, simple hack that shows you all the items available on the website at deal prices.

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