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Newegg stumbled into a bit of trouble earlier this week after shipping a damaged motherboard to customers and refusing to offer them a refund. The company has since backtracked and updated its return policy. Now it should be easier to send back open-box products and get a full refund.
According to Gamers Nexus, they purchased an open-box motherboard from Newegg before deciding it was no longer needed.  The team never opened the package. But Newegg claimed the product was damaged and refused to accept the product.
However, it turns out Newegg was aware the open-box motherboard was damaged from the beginning. At one point, the company reached out to a repair service to get the problem solved but never followed through with payment. This led to the motherboard getting sent back to Newegg and shipped off to Gamers Nexus.
In other words, Newegg failed to properly check an open-box product before reselling it. The company then accused its secondary customer of damaging it and refused to offer a refund.
Newegg was quick to respond to the mistake and seemed to take full responsibility for the mix-up.
“We have become aware that a very small number of returns may not have been thoroughly inspected before being routed for returns, liquidations, or e-waste recycling and were accidentally resold as ‘open-box’ merchandise,” reads a statement from Newegg. “We sincerely apologize to our customers who were negatively impacted.”
“These were unintentional process errors and isolated incidents. As a result, we have already changed internal procedures to improve how we manage product returns. We are also reaching out to this small number of customers who may have been affected by these errors.”
The new policy is generous, as Newegg will now accept all open-box returns with no questions asked.

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Newegg has long been a favorite location for the PC gaming community. Hardware and other gaming accessories can often be found with drastically reduced prices, and it’s great to see the company changing its return policy for open-box products. In fact, there are a bunch of open-box items currently available at great prices – and you can rest easy knowing Newegg will fully refund your purchase if it doesn’t live up to your expectations.

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