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BJ’s Wholesale Club provides a warehouse-style shopping experience in over 200 physical stores in 17 states. Members get sweet deals like being able to stack coupons on top of the low BJ’s price (hear that Costco & Sam’s Club?). If you aren’t a member of Sam’s Club or Costco, BJ’s Wholesale Club is a great option to consider. We break down what you get with a membership and how to get a great deal on it.  

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How much does BJ’s Wholesale membership cost?

BJ's Wholesale membership counter showing workers processing new memberships. Membership prices are shown as bannerss above the counter, which include Inner Circle memberships for $55 , BJs Perks Rewards MEmbership for $110 and BJ's Perk Mastercard.

BJ’s Wholesale Club has two tiers of memberships:

  • $55 Inner Circle Membership: Includes one membership per household with the option to add household members for $30 extra per year. 
  • $110 Perks Rewards Membership: Comes with Inner Circle benefits which offer 2% cashback on most purchases, paid in $10 increments. Exclusive discounts during the year and double or triple cashback events.  

Businesses can also sign up for either the Inner Circle of the Perks Rewards tiers, on top of enjoying up to 8 add-on membership at discounted rates.

Deals on BJ’s Wholesale Club membership

Take advantage of these deals for new and existing members. Don’t forget to check out our BJ’s Wholesale Club coupon page for additional savings opportunities.

  • $25 for 12-Month Membership: Through January 28, 2023, you can enroll in BJ’s Wholesale Club’s Inner Circle membership for $25. That’s a $30 discount. Upgrade to a Perks Rewards membership for an additional $40 savings. That’s a Perks Reward discount of $45. This is one of the best membership discounts you’ll find for BJ’s Wholesale Club.
  • Military Members Get 25% Off Yearly Membership: Active military members and veterans can get a 25% discount at any time on a BJ’s Wholesale Club membership. Military families are included in the discount. You will need to verify your military status before getting the discount.
    • Inner Circle: $55 discounted to $41.25
    • Perks Rewards: $110 discounted to $82.50
  • Through a Fundraiser: Another option is to do a fundraiser where as much as $10 will go to the organizations for every membership sold or renewed through the event. Memberships sold are $50 for the Perks Reward and $25 for the Inner Circle.

At one time there was a student membership, but that is no longer active. 

Can you shop at BJ’s without a membership?

The Apparel section of BJ's Wholesale

You can, but just once. BJ’s Wholesale Club offers a one-day pass to anyone who doesn’t have or has never had an online account or a membership. The pass is available online only and runs exactly 24 hours from the time of signup. 

You can’t purchase anything in a BJ’s Wholesale Club location without being a member unless you are using the one-day pass, but you can walk around the store anytime. A member can bring two guests with them and that member can purchase items for their guests. 

One-day pass holders can’t use the free pick-up services when ordering online. They will have to pay the applicable shipping charge. 

What are the benefits of a BJ’s membership?

Along with its low warehouse prices, there are a few other perks that come with a BJ’s membership. 

BJ’s membership benefits include: 

  • Up to 25% Off Grocery Store Prices: BJ’s Wholesale Club claims its prices are 25% lower than grocery store prices.
  • Gas Discount: Members rack up gas discounts for every eligible purchase in-store or online. 
  • 2% Cash Back (Perks Rewards Members): Perks Rewards members get 2% cashback on most purchases. 
  • Same-Day Delivery: Same-day Delivery is offered in select markets through Instacart with no product markup. The price in-store is the price you pay, even when getting it delivered.
  • Coupon Stacking: You can use manufacturer’s coupons to stack with BJ’s Wholesale Club coupons so you get even better savings on top of the already low prices.

BJ’s Wholesale Club also partners with other businesses to give “members-only discounts” including, but not limited to: 

  • Optical: Get quality frames, contact lenses and prescription services.
  • Tires: Save as much as $150 on your preferred tire brand.
  • AT&T: Exclusive savings for wireless, internet, and TV service.
  • Appliances: Free delivery and removal of appliances. 
  • Travel: From cruises to car rentals, there are special deals for members no matter where you travel. 
  • Identity Theft Service: You can get up to 50% of certain services that help with identity theft. 
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Does BJ’s offer a free trial for their membership?

The Produce Section of BJ's Wholesale, which includes fresh produce, meats, pasta, frozen foods and more.

There is no 100% free trial option for getting all the perks of a member unless you end up becoming a member. This is where they really get you on the hook: you will pay a 20% surcharge on the purchase even if you use the one-day pass. However, if you decide to become a member, the amount of surcharge will be deducted from your membership should you choose to get one within 7 days of purchase using the one-day pass.

Occasionally, the store does offer three-month trials of the membership. You can set a Deal Alert for free trials from BJ’s so you don’t miss out the next time this is offered. 

Another option is to try out their one-day pass so you can try out their services and determine whether a full-year membership is worth the investment.

Get Your One-Day Pass

Can you cancel your membership at any time?

BJ’s has a money-back guarantee. You can cancel at any time, but the terms and conditions require you to do that in-store, or by calling or writing the company. Customers can only get a refund once. If you later sign up for BJ’s membership and decide to cancel, you won’t get the refund again.

Does BJ’s offer online grocery delivery?

BJ’s offers grocery delivery through Instacart, but you’ll choose your grocery selections through the BJ’s website or app. You must have a BJ’s membership to use the online grocery delivery service and it comes with a $14.99 fee, although products aren’t marked up from in-store prices as some other stores do.

What is BJ’s return policy on items?

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BJ’s offers refunds on most items within one year of purchase, provided those items are in new condition. There are no exceptions made after one year, which is a hard line in the sand compared to Costco and Sam’s Club, which both offer returns without a time limit. 

Electronics need to be returned within 90 days while major appliances have a 30-day return limit. 

BJ’s does not cover shipping costs for items returned due to buyer’s remorse. 

Should you sign up for a BJ’s Wholesale Club membership? 

A BJ’s membership is worth it if you are not a member of Sam’s Club or Costco, or do not live near those stores to shop regularly. BJ’s provides a lot of value for its members through its ability to stack coupons, low prices, online shopping and other perks such as savings on gasoline. While BJ’s return policy isn’t as generous as Costco or Sam’s Club, its membership price is lower than both of those warehouses while offering comparable savings on everyday goods. 


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