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As a pet owner, it’s important to prioritize your pet’s health and find a reliable pharmacy that can take care of your four-legged friends. If you’re looking for a new pharmacy that can save you the hassle of remembering to refill your pet’s prescriptions, it might be worth switching to Walmart PetRx.

Walmart PetRx is a licensed pharmacy with over 3,000 pet products at everyday low prices. You can shop from dental and eye care to other pet-healthcare needs, like shampoo or flea and tick medication.

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Pet Prescriptions at Everyday Low Prices

A large yellow lab puppy at the vet receiving care

Walmart can help you take care of your pet’s unique healthcare needs. Whether your pet needs emergency ear medication or antibiotics, Walmart’s pet pharmacy has prescriptions ready when you need them. Save on medications from popular brands such as Sentinel, Advantage, and Bravecto.

Enter in your pet and veterinarian’s information at checkout, and Walmart PetRx will obtain your pet’s prescription. It’s that simple. You can also mail in your pet’s prescription if you prefer. You can rely on Walmart PetRx to help fill your orders. You can easily refill your pet’s prescriptions or sign up for AutoShip and get the products delivered straight to your door.

Save with AutoShip and Get Free Shipping on Orders Over $35

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When you shop at Walmart PetRx, you’ll earn free two-day shipping on orders of $35 or more. If you’re preoccupied running errands, you can enjoy the convenience of AutoShip options. For busy pet owners, products will be automatically shipped and delivered to your home. This means you won’t have to stress over reordering your pet’s medication or running out of your dog’s favorite dental chews. AutoShip helps save pet owners the hassle of adding another reminder to an already busy to-do list.

With the AutoShip & Save program, pet owners can choose flexible 30-day or 60-day recurring delivery options for their pet’s favorite products. You can set your schedule according to how often your pets need specific care.

When you sign up for your first AutoShip, you’ll save up to 30% off your first order, plus an additional 5% off future AutoShip orders (up to $20). If, for whatever reason, you need to pause, skip, or cancel your AutoShip deliveries, Walmart PetRx gives you the option to do so at any time. There are no upfront charges or commitments until your order ships.

Quality Care Products and Meds for All of Your Pet’s Needs

A Big fluffy dog at the vet receiving care

Walmart PetRx pharmacy currently provides healthcare products for dogs, cats, horses, and livestock and farm animals, as well as fish and birds. For instance, if your dog has separation anxiety, Walmart PetRx has calming bite-sized chews to help soothe them. For cats, the pharmacy also carries joint care supplements and digestive tablets to help ease your pet’s tummy ache.

Whether you’re looking for something for your furry friend or scaly pal, Walmart PetRx has specialized medication, treats, and food catered to the needs of your pet. You can shop for your pet’s unique condition and get everything from allergy to flea-control medication and more.

Knowing there’s a trusted pet pharmacy in town can help relieve some of your worries. Walmart PetRx helps save on essential pet products to keep your pet healthy and safe year-round.

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